Sadistically Sweet

After saving a young girl from being hit by a car, Haitlin Brookes had no idea her life would change forever. She didn’t expect the girl’s father to be a sadistic man, neither did she expect to get kidnapped. Now Haitlin has to find a way to escape his hold, but it won’t be easy. { Stock provided by and }
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very real and gritty feel to the writing. enjoyed the way the characters were developing too. keep writing!
Oh help. The ending was so scary! I really like the way you portrayed her in the beginning and she was smart enough at first. Oh boy. Voted. :)
I love how I was able to picture this perfectly ! I loved it, it had me hooked :D
youve sucked me inot the story! it totally hooked me in!! and the title is great and teh writing is greater!
I did not expect that at all.
I love your idea and your plot, you have great descriptions and her name is pretty unique indeed!
reading on
Uh. Oh my god. This is so freaky. Oh my god I was hoping he wasn't the kidnapper! WHAT THE HELL! Your story is really compelling, I want to read more!

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