Vamanight High (On Hold Until Mindless Killer is done)

As an orphan, Alice know how to take care of herself and just what to say or do to survive in this world. But when a mysterious man arrives and offers her a comfortable home and school, how could she refuse? Yet Vamanight High was nothing of the ordinary. Castle-like school? Always dark and gloomy weather? Something's not right.It might look beautiful and posh inside , but the students are oddly divided into classes. The most bizarre thing wasn't this though. It was how flawless everyone look including the teachers. Now Alice truly question herself, What is this place, What are they, and why, is she here.
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SUCH AN AMAZING STORY ! your a great writer ! I'll read The next chapter because it's really intriguing !
I really like the line, "fight your own fight." And this is a really good beginning to what is (from what I can tell) going to be a great novel!
It was very good, few grammar mistakes but that can be corrected. :) I liked the story plot. Keep up the good work! :) xx
I DO GOT O LIKE THIS!!! I have voted but im gonna keep reading and i'll add it to my reading list!!! like ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!
woah this is nice!this story is well written,I can imagine everything.!hahaha,this story somewhat reminds me of an anime.kekeke.good work.:)
hi there! Your story is very interesting so far.
I like it and I enjoyed reading it. Nice job... Voted!

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