A way to get Pregnant (COMPLETED)

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ballpenniako By ballpenniako Updated 6 months ago
Karen wants to have a baby of her own so she went looking for a suitable 'father to be'. What she doesn't know is that EJ, her best ever friend wants to be the father of her child and her husband as well. Misunderstandings, reconciliations and complication are the prime element of their love story. READ and USE YOUR IMAGINATION :D
LADYsayaJENNY LADYsayaJENNY 11 months ago
interesting hmmmmm i want to get pregnant no interaction needed hehehehe :)  three thumbs up for ds story :)
Mocaii Mocaii a year ago
nice story :) kahit kasisimula ko pa lang basahin. I really really like it . :P
AkoCMissArki AkoCMissArki a year ago
sorry for corrcting. pero maay mali ka. hindi po SIGN kundi SIGH!
Iba ang sign, perma yun. Ang sigh is napabuntonghininga ang tao.
qcatastrophicp qcatastrophicp 2 years ago
@ballpenniako honey i like his friend sa office. hes cool hahaha

the question is--does she like him too pero hesitant lang?
MonsterWaffles MonsterWaffles 2 years ago
@ballpenniako Hahaha. Loveyoumore brad. Bukas, tuluy-tuloy ko 'tong babasahin. :)))
MonsterWaffles MonsterWaffles 2 years ago
@ballpenniako Hahahaha. Oo naman brad, babasahin ko 'to no matter what, chos! XD