The Haunting Of Adelene Crawford.

Adelene Crawford was never one of the popular kids at school, she was a loner. But one dare, turned her ordinary life into the complete opposite.
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@InSANAty007  haha sure thing! :D ill try to get to it this week pretty busy :/ 
OMS!!!! i think the officer is the same as what ever is in her head!!! LOVE IT!!!
damn!! i like the little twist to the story there!!! your story is interesting, i want to keep on reading!! please keep posting!!
omg weirdo stalking her mind!!
i'm extremely interested though. so keep writing
I love it! I'm really exciteD for the next chapter..upload soOn pleAse..
(Oh by the way it's lasagna nOt lazania..buT it's ok..I still the story)..<3
Ommmgggg, i love this!! I honestly thought John was dead. Upload more when you can :)xx

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