Travelling Abroad

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_Zo3Jon3s By _Zo3Jon3s Updated 11 months ago
Ariel Winter has had enough of her Sydney life. With her Dad dying and leaving her more than enough money to survive on her own, she sets out to New York. Where she meets the uprising singing star, Liam McCormick. A budding romance is then formed, as they both find the ups and downs of fame, traveling and love.
Lalala286 Lalala286 3 years ago
Sorry 4 the late reading, the prologue is great! :) keep it up!
PaulGabriel2 PaulGabriel2 3 years ago
i love this. i thought when i saw it that i wouldn't be any good cause it seemed to short, but i read and you managed to put evrything in it. and amazingly enough it doesn't seem rushed. i'll check it out again when you UD to see if i'll read til its finished. but now it looks promising
thesmerf thesmerf 3 years ago
Wow. I love the way you described her age and everything indirectly like: The room where i spent my 17 years of life. I think this was written really well and it makes us, readers, think 'why is she leaving home? where is she going? why is she saying 'not this time mum?'

I loved it. Votedx