My New Obsession [BxB]

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James King has been beaten up so many times in his life he has lost count. He is a social outcast, kept apart from the 'normal' kids by his style and taste in music. He switches to a new school to try and escape his bad luck, but the bullying just starts there too. As an introverted kid suddenly thrust into the spotlight, he meets a group of people... who are the same as him. With this new group of misfits he could discover himself and lead an uprising in a school made up of cliques... or he could receive the worst beating of his life.
oops sorry bout that, never was really big on grammar XD are the movies also a bad place to go to? (just asking out of curiosity not to offend or anything like that!)
is agarophobic being afraid of spiders? if not then what is it?
This is so relatable. It really captures how real people feel.
There is nothing wrong with gay people or "emo" people they are all amazing !
i thought it was gonna say 'but everything changed when the fire nation attacked' but um yeah thats cool too y'know