My New Obsession [BxB]

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crazy_nirvana_lover By crazy_nirvana_lover Completed
James King has been beaten up so many times in his life he has lost count. He is a social outcast, kept apart from the 'normal' kids by his style and taste in music. He switches to a new school to try and escape his bad luck, but the bullying just starts there too. As an introverted kid suddenly thrust into the spotlight, he meets a group of people... who are the same as him. With this new group of misfits he could discover himself and lead an uprising in a school made up of cliques... or he could receive the worst beating of his life.
Brianna56678 Brianna56678 6 months ago
There is nothing wrong with gay people or "emo" people they are all amazing !
JosoHasAFace JosoHasAFace 2 years ago
i thought it was gonna say 'but everything changed when the fire nation attacked' but um yeah thats cool too y'know