My name is Lizzie Nash. I live in Ravenwood with my new born son Nick - I did not want Nick... See I was raped then disowned by my parents and "friends".
    Which is why I moved to Ravenwood - which is far, far, away from New York and my so-called family.
    But Ravenwood is different... wolves howl at night and sparks fly when I go near one boy....
    Was my hope of leaving New York for Nick a good thing... or did I just bring the son I didn't want but can't live without to horrible danger?
    Book 1 in the Ravenwood series
I think he's a werewolf ... Which I think may make it possible
I'm not saying there's anything wrong with her story, I'm just putting my opinion - is that against the law now? no, didn't think so.   It is bravery, and I'm respecting that, I'm not hating on her story, the only person hating here is you. 
@xtoni4nn  one i  think that it is her story so if she wants to make it so that her baby is trying to walk when he is trying so be it . AND if her uncle killed himself he killed himself .  period point blank she wrote it the way she wanted it. it takes a lot of bravery to do this! it is what it is.
Pretty sure I have.  And, critiquing Isn't hating. giving in-site and opinion's is the whole reason for a comments section. 
stop hateing if this is so bad , how about you write a story??!!
@zoebryan I don't know what a 'baby carrier' is. I know it by 'car seat'...