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My name is Lizzie Nash. I live in Ravenwood with my new born son Nick - I did not want Nick... See I was raped then disowned by my parents and "friends". Which is why I moved to Ravenwood - which is far, far, away from New York and my so-called family. But Ravenwood is different... wolves howl at night and sparks fly when I go near one boy.... Was my hope of leaving New York for Nick a good thing... or did I just bring the son I didn't want but can't live without to horrible danger? Book 1 in the Ravenwood series
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Not trying to be mean but why don't you just say baby carrier I am sure we know what a baby carrier is
Yeah about the Uncle dying to give her money, couldn't he have just have gave It to her?
Your ideas are ok well except when she said her uncle died to give them money and your grammar and thats it :) if u just fix or edit it, it would be better :)
Random question: Did you make up Ravenwood or did you get it from the beautiful creatures series?

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