My name is Lizzie Nash. I live in Ravenwood with my new born son Nick - I did not want Nick... See I was raped then disowned by my parents and "friends".

Which is why I moved to Ravenwood - which is far, far, away from New York and my so-called family.

But Ravenwood is different... wolves howl at night and sparks fly when I go near one boy....

Was my hope of leaving New York for Nick a good thing... or did I just bring the son I didn't want but can't live without to horrible danger?

Book 1 in the Ravenwood series
FrozenInOneDirection FrozenInOneDirection 9 months ago
@zoebryan I don't know what a 'baby carrier' is. I know it by 'car seat'...
zoebryan zoebryan 11 months ago
Not trying to be mean but why don't you just say baby carrier I am sure we know what a baby carrier is
listenup247 listenup247 2 years ago
Yeah about the Uncle dying to give her money, couldn't he have just have gave It to her?
PLFScharlie PLFScharlie 2 years ago
Your ideas are ok well except when she said her uncle died to give them money and your grammar and thats it :) if u just fix or edit it, it would be better :)
beastbetty85 beastbetty85 2 years ago
now i get it ex-drama queen is book1, geeh thanx im so dumb sometimes
OliviaL3R OliviaL3R 3 years ago
Random question: Did you make up Ravenwood or did you get it from the beautiful creatures series?