Wishful Thinking

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_xXxFallenOutcastxXx By _xXxFallenOutcastxXx Updated 3 years ago
"C'mon Fran, admit it: if you had the chance to wish for anything you wanted, you'd be just as selfish as everyone else."
Officially Fran's wish list would be like:
• World peace
• End child poverty
• Save the whales (or perhaps the pandas?)

Unofficially it would be:
• Shane Adams!
• Shane Adams!
• Shane Adams!

But how's Fran going to get the hottest guy in school to notice her? Maybe a mysterious corner shop, an unusual ring and a touch of Arabian magic might help...
Hamsandwhich Hamsandwhich 3 years ago
I'm checking this out so on the last chapter (so far) 5-13-12 I will comment on it on how I like it.
Ashesandfire Ashesandfire 3 years ago
This sounds a bit weird to me cause I'm not all big n mighty with wishs and stuff. I'm more of the sad and fanasties and romance stuff. Sorry:(