Effie In The Games - Hunger Games Fan Fiction (Completed)

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_kcroxr By _kcroxr Updated 2 years ago
Effie Trinket.  Once in the Hunger Games, once a tribute, once a tom-boy.  All changed when she accidentally shot President Snow in the hand.  She was summoned to District 7 where she would be a tribute in the Hunger Games.  But Snow's plan failed, and Effie's rein rose to a victor.  Now read about her fight.
nicolejc716 nicolejc716 a year ago
WHAT? SHE WAS A TOM BOY!?! I thought she was a girl who wears a ridiculous pink wig!
PandAWriteRMimI PandAWriteRMimI 2 years ago
This is an awesome story you have, very creative. 
I've just got a quick question: How did you put all the parts in order, you know for the table of contents?
Kai_Love Kai_Love 2 years ago
What a nice point of view! Why don't you read my book titled, "Victor's Village"!! It's the fourth book of the hunger games (Fan-Fiction) Please Fan Me!!!!~
mazzy123 mazzy123 2 years ago
i just watched the film recently and read the books
i loved ur work...it waz a twisit on suzanne collins!
liv100 liv100 2 years ago
its sooooooooooooo good but it should say " i shot president snow with my own arrow
clove2011 clove2011 2 years ago
I loved it heaps but to improve i didnt like yhe jumping around of view points and i didnt like your little comments at the end of each chapter thing becausebit made my mind go off track but i absolutley loved effies point of view