Interracial Love

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Tyler Fields is in love with her best friend Jake. Tyler is beautiful, and has a great voice that adds to her band, The Plague, except one thing she’s Black, a totally different race from Jake, her feelings for him can only remain in the friend zone. Not when Jake's girlfriend Amanda hates Tyler with a passion and wants jakes all to herself jeopardizing the band and keeping him on a tight leash trying to ruin her life. With the help of her band buddies, and the stress to rise to fame will she really be able to stay friends with him? A typical Cliché romance but with a twist.

‘See time by time I developed feelings for him. A typical cliché romance, one of the best friends (always a girl) falls for the other friend. It basically all started in 8th grade; I was the only one who could have sing, in that class. He was starting a bad called the Plague and the members were looking for a lead singer. Guess I moved to New York at the right time………..Amanda times was now his current girlfriend, I was basically just his third wheel between them. Jake was still my best friend and still the most popular boy in 10th grade. I was still the many few of the dark skinned girls, who didn’t have straight hair like the rest of the girls. Instead I had curly hair and curves like no tomorrow. This was Tyler Fields. I was Tyler fields’
I'm black but I like white men. I don't have a problem to black guys I just don't date them. Would you consider that racist or just my preference ?
I'm chocolate and i proudly admit to lovin' vinilla flavor!!!
FINALLY a story about an interracial couple I have been looking for this FOREVER THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
She sounds like my cousin.... my cousin is pretty healthy but doesn't know it. Also, YOU DONT PASS UP PIZZA 
Okay I put up with her and not blow my top but this is too far! Food is food, it's meant to be enjoyed.