A Bit of Love Hate (One Direction / Harry Styles)

Chelsea: down to earth, independent, starbucks barista, dislikes one direction due to best guy friend, Adrian's obsession. Harry: charming, cheeky, flirt, cute, hot, confident, in world's biggest boy band, not used to being rejected by women. Chelsea was just a normal girl working at starbucks until one night she bumps into Harry Styles from one direction. He likes what he sees but she doesn't even give him a second look. Harry tries everything to change her opinion about him and make her like him. Will it be enough to change her mind? Will they fall for each other? And if they do, will their love be strong enough to make it through everything? After all she's just an ordinary girl and he is the worlds most wanted boy.
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Oh yes he can..... He's gonna get you and keep you that's why this is a book and is about u and harry
No hazza, no....the chances are ULTRA high!!! Are you forgetting this is a fanfic??
Idk why but I always think if a stuck up girly blonde when I hear the name Chelsea. I think it's because of fish hooks, but stil...
Chilling on the west side playing my song drive the Kia soul with my cheap shades on GONNA run right threw the night
When he said that word I was like harry finally learned a big word haha luv u harry ha
I can't believe  he would tilt his head to the side to get a better view of checking her out 


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