Desire (Kakashi)

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CloudedSkies By CloudedSkies Updated a month ago
Crazy and wild, four teenagers are transferred into the world of Naruto and found by a certain sexy silver-haired ninja. 

Warning: Funny situations, mild cursing (that's a lie --there will probably be a lot), and A LOT of fluff.
RoboticUnicornNinja RoboticUnicornNinja 3 months ago
I wanted to be a football but then I remembered that I don't like sports
VIXX_is_Life VIXX_is_Life 3 months ago
Half human half feline, usually human with cat ears tails and cat senses and traits
FluffyEssence FluffyEssence 3 months ago
@Tstar456 SAME!! it wasn't until my cousins told me I was saying it wrong for like 6 months
Tstar456 Tstar456 3 months ago
Dead are ra.  That's how it sounded like, I don't really know how to type it
Streetplayaa_ Streetplayaa_ 3 months ago
@Tstar456 just out of curiosity exactly did you pronounce his name?
ichiisoul ichiisoul 6 months ago
i love this fanfiction alot.... i just can't stop reading it over and over XD