Desire (Kakashi)

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Cloud By Cloud Updated 2 months ago
Crazy and wild, four teenagers are transferred into the world of Naruto and found by a certain sexy silver-haired ninja. 

Warning: Funny situations, mild cursing (that's a lie --there will probably be a lot), and A LOT of fluff.
@CloudedSkies I am on the app so I don't even know if I can see when this was made,  my apologies. I will look at your other work!
haha I see what you did there. But where I am coming from, I feel like stating all the characters from the beginning, takes the thrill of learning about the characters yourself, and bit by bit throughout the story. I don't know, it's just my opinion.
Ughhhhhhh. Am I the only one who cringes every time someone starts an anime fanfic like this? Ugh
I wanted to be a football but then I remembered that I don't like sports
Half human half feline, usually human with cat ears tails and cat senses and traits
i love this fanfiction alot.... i just can't stop reading it over and over XD