Desire<3 A Kakashi Love Story

Crazy and wild, four teenagers are transfered into the world of Naruto. Warning: Funny situations, Mild Cursing(lie-there will probably be a lot), and A LOT of Fluff.
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Good god I need to go back in and rewrite this. This would probably be the prologue.
yayyyyyyyy!>:) (mwah hahahaha i love it but you also don't know what iz thinking!!! >:)   )
>Name is Elizabeth

AWWW BRO I LOVE YOU TOOOOO!!!!!!!! XD I'm just kidding, though you are pretty epic :D
Go to share on Photobucket, and get the link code on the third row, then click it and copy it here. Thats how you get stuff on
-Nope I am not a line- I am a very long dot- IT TOOK ME FOREVER TO READ THAT XDFD I love this so much! Upload soon! >3<
i love it and think you should carry on!!!! also i think you shod keep the last ch how it is!!  8DD x

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