Desire (Kakashi)

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Cloud By Cloud Updated 3 months ago
Crazy and wild, four teenagers are transferred into the world of Naruto and found by a certain sexy silver-haired ninja. 

Warning: Funny situations, mild cursing (that's a lie --there will probably be a lot), and A LOT of fluff.
@Kitty_And_Fox @NocturnalEyes Definitely not the author, I mean why on earth would she make her characters actually drink something that she likes?
My moms boyfriend we literally had to train him not to drink it o.o and your right it tastes like dog food
@CloudedSkies I am on the app so I don't even know if I can see when this was made,  my apologies. I will look at your other work!
haha I see what you did there. But where I am coming from, I feel like stating all the characters from the beginning, takes the thrill of learning about the characters yourself, and bit by bit throughout the story. I don't know, it's just my opinion.
Ughhhhhhh. Am I the only one who cringes every time someone starts an anime fanfic like this? Ugh
I wanted to be a football but then I remembered that I don't like sports