Vampire Slave Series: Spawn! (BOOK TWO)

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It possibly couldn’t be true! There’s no way this could happen!
     Unfortunately for Amabell and the rest, it most defiantly is… She’s pregnant! Never in the history of the prophecy has something like this been born. It’s not human and it’s hardly vampire. The real question is; who’s the father?!
    Mark and Vincent are the least of their worries in this twisted sequel.
     Facing death, Amabell has to make the decision to kill the baby inside her or be torn from the inside out. It isn’t an easy choice and she can’t do it alone. But can the group get along long enough to save her life? It’s a matter of life and death and Amabell is feeling everything but alive.
but I can't be sure, I don't have an ymoney to by the volume one
I think that in the last chapters Jude sleeps with Amabell and that is why the prophesy is working and the war is over, that also explains why in the blurb it states that Amabell doesn't state who the father is.
DUN DUN's probably marks child since she didn't do IT with jude
Wait... I never got to read the last chapter of the last book. Did she ever sleep with Jude??
you should post all chapter s on watt pad not all of us a money for books that s why we come here (not trying to be hateful
Dang wish i had the missing chapter im so in love with your writing