You're His Brother!? A Naruto Fanfic (Sasuke/Itachi Love)

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Clarissa By Clarissa Completed
Kyoko is the last of her clan, and ends up kidknapped by the Akatsuki. Falls for an Uchiha or two on her journey to the leaf village were she meets a Blonde headed, over active-knuckle head. A pink haired kuniochi in training. And An onyx haired Uchiha.
So random the dumpling!!! I want one that's ice cream flavor
I like it, but I see so many errors and I can't read it! ;-; Get an editor or something, please!

(I would read it, but I'm a horrible perfectionist and I can't stand my own writing, so don't be mad, it's just me)
Love it, I liked the little details, but there were errors that threw me off for a second.
I think the reason for that is because 'mina' roughly translates to 'everyone'. I think. Am I correct?
i got  two ideas for de sequal dat mite work one itachi dies n de other he lives
It's good that was cleared up!!! I was like EVERYONE yelled?