You're His Brother!? A Naruto Fanfic (Sasuke/Itachi Love)

Kyoko is the last of her clan, and ends up kidknapped by the Akatsuki. Falls for an Uchiha or two on her journey to the leaf village were she meets a Blonde headed, over active-knuckle head. A pink haired kuniochi in training. And An onyx haired Uchiha.
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Sweet! Hey, what do you think would happen if everyone joined our circle and then no one was alone? It's be a dream come true!
me:hey pein did you see my pej-*look at there position*ok i'll be going now*akwardly going out and shuting da door
ho ho ho you pein are a FUCKING PEDO DUDE THAT SOUND URG!!!!!FUCKING PERV!!! *change to chibi form* im done~~♥♡♥♡♥♡
I'm feeling slightly disturbed. PEDO ALERT!!! EEEEE OOOOO EEEEE OOOOO EEEEEE OOOOO. okay I have calmed down :D
Jeez you think Pein? -_- 
Do you know what people have been teaching little girls?
Love it, I liked the little details, but there were errors that threw me off for a second.

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