Whacked Up Life for Her

Michelle is my name don't wear it out. Hi, my name, again, is Michelle, Michelle Stone. I'm a girl here at Winston High School. My best friend is Joey Wright, he has blonde hair that curls at the tips, piercing blue eyes and eyelashes that you can only see in the sunlight. He's got the blonde hair blue eyes thing going on. Me on the other hand, I have brown hair that looks apple red in the sun and chestnut eyes. Joey is definently the hottest guy in school, but he's only my friend. Correction best friend. We're both in the 12th grade and we're both 17 and BOTH our birthdays are on May 19th! Crazy huh.... Something is about to change my average life... vampires.
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I think-a-roo that liz-a-roo has a crush-a-roo on jimmy-a-roo. -__- *narrows eyes in suspension*
The hampsters i had ate each other and i fed them everyday.  I think they just didn't like me. :( Oh well i didn't really like them either.

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