Fangirls…what do you think of them? Hard-core? Crazy? Obsessed? Well these particular girls are the prime definition of that. Now what do you think of when you hear the words One Direction? A British/Irish boy-band that are amazingly talented singers and makes girls all around the world sexually frustrated and have no social life? Or maybe it’s just only one route you can drive in your car? These five girls are flying all the way from Australia to London to pursue their dreams; kidnapping One Direction. Will it be a big success? Or would they just die from too many feels of being in the same country as their idols? Only one way to find out….
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omg please update this is sooooooo awesome i know u guys luv me so pleeeeeaaaaaasssee update. i luv this story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Omg Omg WE HAVE IDENTICAL NAMES IM... Wait for it... Wait for it......... AMIRA  get it huh huh *nudges arm*:p
ok the really hot guy racting was really funny!!! and your conversations are very amusing!! :)
I NEED you to upload or i'll turn into a evil spoon kitten! ( A new species found by the directioner scientists) So....... UPLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
is there really such thing as a waffle inspector? cause if there is I WANNA BE ONEEEEEEEEEE that would be sooo cool... ANYWHOSSS yayayayay writing spree<3
Ha ha I think this is the only story I read the authors notes on! Love the story! :D

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