When Will Anyone Understand? (Neko)

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JuliaLupin By JuliaLupin Updated 6 months ago
Ella. My name is Ella. This is my story. I can't explain much here, but you need to know some of the basics. I am a neko. No, this doesn't mean I'm half cat. We are usually depicted and sorted as cats. That isn't true for many reasons. I am a wolf neko. Half wolf, half human. In the neko world, there are tons of different nekos. Fox nekos, bird nekos, snake nekos, basically anything you can think of. We have recently started fleeing the persecution of humans. Many physical forms of torture were used on our kind because we are 'mutants' or 'freaks'. Others call us 'cute' but that's just because we have 'soft fuzzy ears and tails'. We can defend ourselves but not in front of them. Many neko hunters are out to get our kind, so we fled back to a place where hopefully they can't find us. This is my story and my point of view on the subject. Continue with the Introduction if you would like to learn more about this.
at the age of tree...? How is anything she's done possible for a three year old?
DeadAir DeadAir 2 years ago
Julia um u need to stop advertising apple and american eagle xD
RandyHandshoe RandyHandshoe 2 years ago
@JuliaLupin  I love the story so far. Im not even done reading all the way to chappy 16. And Im Randy. You know me. So break a leg. (Or kill Britanny)
Trisha16087 Trisha16087 3 years ago
I like this story! I think it's super cool that you made her part animal. I wish I was part animal... I also think you have great details! Oooo and before I forget you have stunning dialogue. It flows so naturally.