The Wolf Cave

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Lydia161290 By Lydia161290 Completed
Layla is about to make a big mistake when she goes to a new nightclub that has just opened in the next town. The Wolf Cave may be the hottest place invented, but Layla is about to find out is that this club is not just any ordinary night club, but a place belonging to a very powerful werewolf who wants her as much as she wants him.
Nananai Nananai 14 days ago
This story is soooooo good. :D re-reading for the 500th time, it's amazing!!!!!
Frost1902 Frost1902 14 days ago
But of course no matter what you say people always think you're hating even if it is constructive
heyyyitsJoanne heyyyitsJoanne 15 days ago
Second time even though it's been ages since I last read this
WhiteGlamour WhiteGlamour 21 days ago
7th time :) I been reading this repeatedly since... 2012? Maybe.
zurin1977 zurin1977 21 days ago
I agree with author. comment should be constructive and not be offensive. should be constructive. besides it for reading pleasure. x read if we don't enjoy.
Ivysalazar11 Ivysalazar11 a month ago
I wont be rude. I would literally give you  a high five because you are right.