The Wolf Cave

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Lydia161290 By Lydia161290 Updated 3 months ago
Layla is about to make a big mistake when she goes to a new nightclub that has just opened in the next town. The Wolf Cave may be the hottest place invented, but Layla is about to find out is that this club is not just any ordinary night club, but a place belonging to a very powerful werewolf who wants her as much as she wants him.
Rebekah4011 Rebekah4011 8 days ago
First Werewolf book i've read, It pretty interesting so far!!
So i guess i'll have to see how it goes!
teenRIOT teenRIOT 12 days ago
Hey! Be nice, they can do what they want to do! @FairlyAnonymous @HaleyPendergraft
smurfrielle smurfrielle 16 days ago
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ForevaBreBre ForevaBreBre 18 days ago
When I saw Lydia am I the only one who thought of teen wolf?
GladysRuballos GladysRuballos 24 days ago
Already read it just so in love with this book I have to read it again
HaleyEisenhauer HaleyEisenhauer a month ago
I promise I won't so far this is a good book even though I'm like right here!!!! Hahahah☺️☺️☺️