The Wolf Cave

Layla is about to make a big mistake when she goes to a new nightclub that has just opened in the next town. The Wolf Cave may be the hottest place invented, but Layla is about to find out is that this club is not just any ordinary night club, but a place belonging to a very powerful werewolf who wants her as much as she wants him.
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First time reading this book. From all the comments it seems like a really good book. I can't wait to read this
Well according to all these rereaders, this should be a book to look forward to. Hopefully I'm not hyped up for nothing.
Some It's from This author, I bet This is going to be a wonderful book :D #1sttimereading
@kitten2412  hey mumbai waali. .nice seeing you here...i am a second time reader and I can tell you this book is amazing
Nice book. Nice writing. Hoping you wouldn't mind to check my book. Keep the good work.
reading d comments n seeing dat everyone is reading it so many tyms..... I'm really getting excited for my first tym read !!!

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