I'll Bite You To Death! [Naruto]

Kurotsuki Chika; a twelve year old, seemingly crazy S-Rank criminal - the youngest one in history. Bound by an immortal curse and a demon who cracks dry jokes, Chika was sent to the Akatsuki at the age of eight. Now at the age of twelve, she is sent to Konoha where our mental heroine is meant to spy on the Kyuubi. Team 7, an unexpected combination of a perverted Jounin co-leader, another emo Uchiha, a useless stalking fangirl and the Kyuubi in question. Will Chika bite them all to death, or spare them from her insane wrath?
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<_> pffft, is this your story? Noooo, so don't be telling the author what to do -3-
Duhhhhh of course it is you try falling asleep in two of you classes then having to be told to stand in class and do your work standing up!!!
Oh my goodness! She sounds like me when I'm tired and no one will let me sleep!!! Geez, I'm glad I'm not Gaara....
Oh my gosh! I was playing mine craft and the creepers and spiders creeped me cuz'of this!
S' okay my friend also had one and I'm planning to bring her to the mental hospital
She kinda reminded me about myself screaming till their ear breaks you that was kinda fun especially if you have a microphone and put it in a high volume

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