I'll Bite You To Death! [Naruto]

Kurotsuki Chika; a twelve year old, seemingly crazy S-Rank criminal - the youngest one in history. Bound by an immortal curse and a demon who cracks dry jokes, Chika was sent to the Akatsuki at the age of eight. Now at the age of twelve, she is sent to Konoha where our mental heroine is meant to spy on the Kyuubi. Team 7, an unexpected combination of a perverted Jounin co-leader, another emo Uchiha, a useless stalking fangirl and the Kyuubi in question. Will Chika bite them all to death, or spare them from her insane wrath?
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I have one in my back yard it poops rainbows and brings an influx of leprechauns trying find the pot of gold
O•O  this book is awsome and has lots of fast speaking aaaawwwwsssooommmeeeeee
The Vampire Fairy Princess is male? I thought Princess' were usually female... Eh, whatever.
This is on quotev. So you either stole it or you're the author and decided to post it on Wattpad.
dont touch my cookies.
excuse my randomness almost exact personalities :D
weasel.prince.of.EMO!!!!!!!! LOL!!! Why do I find I funny I don't know, but seriously this great!!!

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