No Sparks Required (Currently Rewriting)

"It's like mixing hydrochloric acid and sodium. You get an explosive reaction. No sparks required." Beverly Stanton was always contented with leading an average life. She didn't see a need to be popular, because that only brought along unnecessary drama. But when her Chemistry teacher put the easily distracted Shane Corelli right next to her, her plans of keeping a low profile crashed and burned. Because Shane was popular, well-liked and basically ran the school. His name was synonymous with drama, he was a girl-magnet and took cockiness to a whole new level. And if that wasn't bad enough, he simply had to stay in Beverly's life for one reason: To prove to his ex-best friend that the chemistry between them was just sizzling. Screw the sparks. That wasn't required.
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@Angieavina Lol wow that's not close at all. it means whatever will be will be look it up if u don't believe me
Of course this wouldn't be a good book without a handsome sex god male lead, right?
Lol I'm doing organic chemistry in chem class right now...we just finished our yes on hydrocarbons and functional groups :P i hope I did good on it lol
Que Sera Sera.. What ever will be will be.. The futur's not hard to see... I love this song :')
Hahaha my name is Danielle too and I am soo much like her haha it must be the name
It's in Spanish this is wat it says. :what do I do @ari_west69 and @peachy_blonde

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