No Sparks Required

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Beverly Stanton was always content with leading an average life. But when her teacher sat Shane Corelli next to her, her plans of keeping a low profile crashed and burned.

Because Shane basically ran the school. His name was synonymous with drama, he was a girl-magnet and took cockiness to a whole new level. And he was going to prove to her that the chemistry between them was just sizzling.

Screw the sparks. That wasn't required.
IwuvNemo IwuvNemo 3 days ago
Boys, pizza and Ashton Kutcher I am already loving this book
MarshallWorld MarshallWorld 3 days ago
It's okay! It just accentuates the laughing out loud, LOL ;) see what I did there
Starstruck_101 Starstruck_101 3 days ago
I seriously don't get it when people use Loooooooll I mean it means laughing out out out out ...... Loud-- why isn't the laugh coming out?
Mundane... The mortal instruments... Shirtless Jace... Shirtless Jace.. Jace.. MOTHERFÛCKING JACE HOLY SHÎT
Holy sheet *turns into a turtle and hides in shell*
Okay let's be logical..
Beverly Hills? And Los Angeles?  my failed attempt to crack a joke