No Sparks Required

Beverly Stanton was always content with leading an average life. But when her teacher sat Shane Corelli next to her, her plans of keeping a low profile crashed and burned. Because Shane basically ran the school. His name was synonymous with drama, he was a girl-magnet and took cockiness to a whole new level. And he was going to prove to her that the chemistry between them was just sizzling. Screw the sparks. That wasn't required.
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Felt the same way when I met derrick williams and all he said was " your welcome "
When I read it, i thought it said 'run straight off to hell' instead of 'straight off to tell'
Can i like steal that whole boner thing because i can use that in like every sentence
I don't know why everyone ones like "99% omg that's so weird" not really same its the writer.
@hiwhatisyou I thought of that my moms looking at me weird from of how loud I laughed.
every time I read wattpad I always learn some new insults. that's one of the advantages of wattpadd.... :)

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