Unforeseen: Questions and Revelations

Sequel to "Unforeseen." Melry's energon poisoning had never been fully resolved and as the mysteries surrounding her ailment grew, so did the attention. In a race against time Melry finds herself seeking answers on her own. Why did she dream? Why was her blood so desirable?
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This was amazing!I read the first story on Fanfiction and it was amazing! I'm so glad you are writing the sequel. :D
Dude! I forgot how much talent you had! This chapter was amazing and I look forwarx to chapter 5!
Dino seems like an annoying Bot to be with, yet he sounds very caring. I absolutely loved it, cant wait till next chapter.
cooool man...check out mine....I am doing more soon...And Maybe we can create a story together...
update please! This book is great! And is it tru that you have a fanfiction account?
Chapter 2!!! Oh yeah!! 
Again, loved it. Loved the interactions between Ironhide and Mel and Mel and Ratchet

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