Be My Baby (Larry Stylinson)

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pinkkreacher87 By pinkkreacher87 Updated 2 years ago
This is a short extension to Look After Me (Larry Stylinson). Louis Tomlinson has finally admitted his feelings to the world, and--surprise!--Harry loves him back. But their relationship was doomed from the start, and Management does not want Larry Stylinson to be a couple.
neverlandgold neverlandgold 9 months ago
Omg one time this girl showed me a pic if harry and was like idk who he is but he's hot and I was like wtf r u living in a hole!!!! Every freakin girl thinks he's hot get over it!!!!!
DestinyMeyers DestinyMeyers 9 months ago
um....why would people click on this story if they didnt know what they were reading about? if people do that....idiots...learn your facts!
ZerrieRocks ZerrieRocks a year ago
i loveee ur name
imagine having a name like Anandita!!!.....
*sigh* its my name :'(:'(:'(
veil_of_mist veil_of_mist a year ago
i don't want to read!! I don't want to read! I don't want to cry! I don't want to read! I'm crying. I DON'T WANT TO READ A BLOODY NOT FINISHED STORY THAT HAS NO HAPPY END!!
CONTINUE! Please.... I feel like dying! Such a cliff hanger!!
this  is hpefully good... seeing as you completelykilled us with the ending ;)