Be My Baby (Larry Stylinson)

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sarah By sarah Completed
This is a short extension to Look After Me (Larry Stylinson). Louis Tomlinson has finally admitted his feelings to the world, and--surprise!--Harry loves him back. But their relationship was doomed from the start, and Management does not want Larry Stylinson to be a couple.
Omg one time this girl showed me a pic if harry and was like idk who he is but he's hot and I was like wtf r u living in a hole!!!! Every freakin girl thinks he's hot get over it!!!!!
um....why would people click on this story if they didnt know what they were reading about? if people do that....idiots...learn your facts!
i loveee ur name
imagine having a name like Anandita!!!.....
*sigh* its my name :'(:'(:'(
i don't want to read!! I don't want to read! I don't want to cry! I don't want to read! I'm crying. I DON'T WANT TO READ A BLOODY NOT FINISHED STORY THAT HAS NO HAPPY END!!
CONTINUE! Please.... I feel like dying! Such a cliff hanger!!
this  is hpefully good... seeing as you completelykilled us with the ending ;)