Be My Baby (Larry Stylinson)

This is a short extension to Look After Me (Larry Stylinson). Louis Tomlinson has finally admitted his feelings to the world, and--surprise!--Harry loves him back. But their relationship was doomed from the start, and Management does not want Larry Stylinson to be a couple.
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um....why would people click on this story if they didnt know what they were reading about? if people do that....idiots...learn your facts!
They BETTER NOT DATE, here I thought you were going to fix it, not make it worse, silly me.
i loveee ur name
imagine having a name like Anandita!!!.....
*sigh* its my name :'(:'(:'(
Leave her alone!!! It's her book she can do whatever she feels like. Don't threaten her, just don't read if you don't like it.
No. HECKS NAH. The girl that bullies me is named Savannah so they TOTALLY cannot ever be together and Larry Stylinson must live on:)
No no no no no no no no don't tear Larry apart for some savannah girl who works at a f- ing coffe shop

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