Demolition Lovers (Frank Iero)

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Courtney By holllowpointsmile Updated 3 years ago
Holly is invited to go on tour with My Chemical Romance over the summer. She finally has a chance to start a new life and get away from all her troubles back home. She ends up falling in love with Frank, but will it last with all the pressures of being on tour and all the complications in life along the way?
Well that was a close one, I just noticed my friend must've changed my keyboard to turn 'no' to 'penis'
Lolol. I shouldn't be laughing sorry. I'm gonna go cry in a corner now.
I'm not completely heartless, don't worry, MCR are my favourite band so
Hey now, New York isn't all that bad!
                                    I mean, sometimes it's cool here
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Imagine getting paid to be on tour with MCR oh my fucking god take money away from me idgaf
Can you even imagine being able to tell the story that freakin' MCR pierced your lip by force?