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Kennedy Moore is going to be a famous journalist. With her facts and hard head, she's sure to get all the answers she needs. But first, she needs to get through high school. So, she's set her sights on being a part of the newspaper team, but when it's full, she's forced to join yearbook. But it's not all bad when she meets Mason, an artsy, wise and cute boy. Maybe Mason can change Kennedy's perspective on the world and more importantly, men..... {Part of the Five Girls, Five Guys group. You can read them in any order though}
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That last sentence, though.

Yes, I'm reading this AND re-reading "An Artistic Duo" at the same time, along with planning out another story. ...So?
Mason is a gorgeous name! I'm loving the whole tall dark and handsome thing too. <3
I'm so excited to read this! My name is Kennedy too and its spelled the exact way! YAY.
Haha I love this!! I was JUST thinking how beautiful the name mason was also!!! Haha the irony! Lol
You've probably already decided but just make her a dirty blonde :) Logan Lerman is just amazing :))
I love this so far. :) Your writing style is different than what I am used to, but I loved it. Haha c:

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