Love Bitez, and School Suckz [ACTIVE BUT SLOW UPDATES]

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Lexy 'Sky' By Lexy4ever15 Updated 2 years ago
You know what sucks about being a teen Guardian?
    (aka werewolf except i dont turn half man half wolf on a full moon, i shift between human and wolf at will)
    Is when your mate turns out to be your 21 year old English teacher. 
    Tess Tor or Lily, is a guardian werewolf looking for her mate only to find him in her english teacher. 
    Mr. Lucas Bane is a dark hair, dark eyed, olive skined sexy teacher who is at Tess's school to find his mate, his wolf is the legedary midnight black wolf, and Tess is the legendary pure white wolf, 
    Lucas is Tess's yang while she in his yin.
    But will she accept him or will she let he tiny crush on the new kid in school, Bryon, a rowdy, rebellious blonde with cerulean eyes, that joins her pack, immediently becoming the jokester of the bunch, could this bloom into something more, and dangerous? 
    Or will she fall for her Mate the dark haired and dark eyed Lucas Bane?
Oh fish stickers!!!!!!!!!!! luv the story btw upload soon k!!!!!!!!! :D
Aww Bane seems seems cute, can't wait for his possessive side to come out and play ;)
                                    I hope they get together soon, I love this story!
                                    Please update soon, I can't wait!!!!!! XxX
                                    (How come she's alpha if her brothers older?)
@kagomeuchiha98 and if you keep going, people will get interested.
@kagomeuchiha98 You do know... If you enjoy writing you shouldnt need votes to continue.