The Fake Mate

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katnisslerman16 By katnisslerman16 Updated 2 years ago
Paige Aspen is happily mated to Connor Gold and looking forward to her future. When a forest fire strikes across the country, the Moon Shine pack offers to take in the stranded Yellow Creek pack. Paige, who is a healer, is more than willing to help out with the survivors of the fire. 
	But what Paige didn’t expect was Seth Forbes. When the charming, yet demanding, Alpha-to-be starts to stake his claim on Paige, Paige turns to Connor for answers. Why does she have feelings for Seth when she is Connor’s mate? But, what if she isn’t? Secrets and true motives are uncovered as the tension between Seth and Paige rises. 
	If this wasn’t enough, what will Paige do when she learns the truth behind her mysterious childhood? And what will she do when she suddenly becomes the most desired she-wolf in town?
emily3572 emily3572 a month ago
Omg!' I love the idea of this story and I just love the whole thing!!
jayjay_biebz jayjay_biebz 2 months ago
@DancingReader14 I agree if they were mates then he wouldnt be presuring her to mate. True mates wait til the other one is ready
candywolfz candywolfz 3 months ago
I would choose the new guy, cause at this point it is obvious that Conner is not her real mate
MellyLuvsJellyBellys MellyLuvsJellyBellys 3 months ago
Lmfao! If a guy ever replied to me with tht id rip his heart out! 'same to you'?!? What??? !
xprincessloisx xprincessloisx 4 months ago
@DancingReader14 wattpad should have like or heart buttons for comments
RoseLiam RoseLiam 10 months ago
I don't like Conner and the story has barely started... hahah Seth seems way more connected to her