The Ghost Girl, Living In My Room.

When Rose Ferland goes into a twelve month long coma, Dylan Kamp and his family move into her home. Rose starts to 'appear' in Dylan's room, asking for help and Dylan accepts. As the story goes on, Dylan and Rose find it hard to relate with each other and the pressures of Rose being in a coma start to effect them both. Will Rose be saved in time or will it be too late?
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i havent read the whole story yet but the first page was so interesting...:)
Now that's one awesome cliff hanger lol, seriously. This was amazing and it's just the prologue. Voted.
I like it so far. It's REALLy good. I haven't made a book yet, but when I do, you should read it!
I'm reading this book on my app but i just wanted to say that it is so good. Keep it up!
Awww OMG!!! I'm loving this so far .... Nawww they're Soo cute and then she got hit by a car!!!
Thanks for the dedication :) I love the prologue, very interesting. And happy very late b-day!

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