When Everything Disappears (Completed)

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katie ann By myheartsmistake Completed
She doesn't remember anything. Their first date, their first kiss, the first time he bought her flowers, their first fight. She doesn't even know who he is. She's forgotten something horrible, something no one wants to remind her of. So what exactly happens when everything disappears?
i know how it feels for someone you love to suddenly not recognise you.
                                    its just something i pray nobody has to ever go through
Booo. Poor Niall. Second time reading this and I cannot remember a thing that goes on.
first time reading and woah I started crying from just watching the trailer
I'm trying to marathon some stories that I like so be ready for notifications for chapters I haven't already liked. (:
This is the best opening ever!!!!
                                    I'm already in love with this story.
OMG the trailer is so intense!
                                    I love it, I think that will be the best story ever! ♡