548 Heartbeats

How many heartbeats does it take until two hearts start beating as one? Xiera Anderson's heart has been beating secretly for Kyle Solomon since second year highschool, but he doesn't know she exists until he strikes an unlikely conversation with her. She feels all her dreams are coming true when they actually end up becoming friends. Things are looking up, but Xiera soon finds out how friendship can get complicated when tangled up with love. First, she has to deal with Chris, a guy friend who's in love with her, then she has to cope with her feelings for kyle-- who's inlove with someone else! Will Xie ever get her heart's desire? Or will her heart learn to beat for Chris instead?
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@pretzy2002 hi Reiz! I have this book but no it's not the original, both plots are the same but the published is more edited than the one here
ang ganda promis nbsa ku na ung isa nito ung mai tagalog pro try cu ulet bsahin sa pure english hhakhak
please update soon. my bestie have this book so im reading it in the school. i can't take it home so i decided to search it.
thank you for putting it here! my classmate already had the book, please update as soon as possible! i like the story... :)

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