Deadly Beauty (Paranormal Fan Fiction)

Would you believe me if I told you that everything is not what it seems and there's a whole world around us that humans didn't even know existed? "Beauty is curse, not a blessing" - You have no idea how much Kennedy Starlet agrees with that quote. Kennedy Starlet's life changed dramatically long before meeting Harry Styles off One Direction. but Instead of helping, Harry just made Kennedy's life even more hectic and dangerous. Running from a powerful ex boyfriend, trying to get through life catching minimum attention to herself and realising that there was so much more to reality than she realize. When danger and death is looming in the air because of her, she would do anything to repay her sins. Author's note: There are 2 books in this series, Deadly Beauty and Deadly Love, I much prefer Deadly Love as it's more exciting and dramatic. Though it's a One Direction fan fiction, it isn't cliche, it's different as it involves a lot of paranormal things. If you don't like fan fics, go straight to Hurricane and read it from there as that's where things get exciting and the real story kicks in. You won't regret reading this book ****Under MAYJOR Editing. I've made this book private due to me not feeling confident about this book... You can read it if you want, but you will have to be a follower of mine to read it, sorry guys.**** Second Book, Deadly Love is up now
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I would of followed you if you were a good writer but since I HAVE to follow you, im just not going to read this book
What the hell? This is bullshit. You won the watty awards and you put it down? Wtf.
I can't read it! But i wanna read it! I have an IPod and i did what you said, but it still not works xx
Still. Not. Working. And I even have a iPad. PWWEEEAAAAZZZZE help me read it!!!!
I started reading this but now every time I go to the next chapter it goes back to the first chapter again :(
If u cant read this book then download the wattpad app and click on the story that u want to read then u will be able to read it

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