The Five Bad Boys And Me. (NEEDS MAJOR EDITING)

When Pixie and her Mum are involved in a car accident Pixie's life is turned upside down. She is forced to go and live with her Dad who she has not been in contact with for six years, but she isn't just staying with her Dad but five reckless bad boys who are trying to get their lifes back on tract with Pixie's Dad's help. But when Dex , one of the five boys, begins to get protective over Pixie, she begins to see the brighter side of living with these five bad boys until she and Dex have a bust up. Pixie and Dex as they both try to fight against their feelings that they have for each other, but how long can they hold up in a love hate relationship?
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Really good! But yeah it needs some editing.. So if you need help i'd help you :)
This is really good so far! And her name sounds pretty sweet(;
Awesome job on this chica<3
Great prologue! It's short but it still holds enough detail in it! It makes me want to read more! :)
This is still really good, but I did manage to find errors. You need to write out your numbers. Ex, 17 should be seventeen.
U begged. So I had to.
This is like, super professional. I would so read on but i told people that i would read so many of theirs so sorry! :(
aww katiiee, this story is so sweet, don't know why:L but yeaah, i love it anyways! xo

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