The Ash Illusion

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The Ash Illusion

Becca has a weird life; paranormal things have been happening to her and her twin sister since they were born. And all it does is get worse as time goes on, and their parents die in a mysterious house fire, and Belle--Becca's twin becomes obsessed with demonology and mediums.

Strange events string by as Belle and Becca come closer to the ugly truth to their parents suspected murder, and they soon find out that the murder definitely wasn't a normal murder at all. 

All from possession, to voices filling their heads and unexplainable events that take place in their  new caretakers’ household. From screaming, to losing control of her own body and acting weirder and weirder each day, her eyes and hair changing color, and Becca's twin going missing.

Could this have anything to do with the doll they found in the collapsing form of their house?  Is it a curse? Is everything really what it seems? Someone wants Belle and Becca dead. And Becca's going to find out the mystery of her parents murder, and get her sister back, despite the price they'll have to pay...


A/N: 'The Ash Illusion' is the first book of the Charlie Chronicles, there will be three books in the series, and all the books included in this series will be here in the same book.
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