Just A Kiss-A Ziall story

How could i be so stupid? We were so happy, and now it's all gone, all over something that was Just a kiss
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@niallgetinmypants OK! Oh and when r ya gonna update??? *_* I need to know what happens next!
@xEmma050 Liam? HUH? Im confused. Niall's going out with Zayn, Zayns the mean one..... #imconfuzzled@niallgetinmypants
I love this.
And Liam is a bad person! Nobody hurts my nialler without getting in trouble with paul.  *evil laugh* sorry about my weirdness.
Why is Liam so mean?? Why he has be like that??

I love it and plz upload more :)
So after reading this part i didnt know who the fanfiction was about so i just googled the name. dont know much about one direction but cool so far.
Looks like the green monster of jealous has corrupted liam. Poor Niall! Love this story, I love all your works. Keep it up!:)

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