Love at First Click [Sample only//Will be published Aug/Sept 2014]

(Previously known as Facebook Crush?) *Published by Crowdscribed* SAMPLE ONLY! (Based on real life events: meaning real life story!) My whole life changed on September 10, when he accepted my friend request on Facebook, a popular socializing network. That was almost two years ago, now I'm broken, and crying every single day... but what exactly happened? Cover made by Storylover11 :)
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(says in a sing song voice) He put a heart, he put a heart, heart, heart, heart, heart he put a heart, a heart
To be honest, the beginning sounded like a stalker or an overly attached girlfriend.
Hi im reading this on my Computer but i love it so much already :) i cant wait till im  able to read more!!!!!
sir support our God history. and promote thanks
I can believe it's based on a true story cuz the begging happens to real people lol n I love how she started with a letter !
@clifford-hanger yea but so far this one hasn't crept up to his room and masturbated in his boxers and shirt so it's okay hahaha

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