Love at First Click [Sample only//Paperback/ebook now AVAILABLE]

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Angel Lynn By Angel Lynn Completed
(Previously known as Facebook Crush?) Paperback now available on Barnes&Noble, Amazon and Book Depository now! Links are in the chapter labeled "Links to buy" or you can check out my profile! Ebook/Paperback copies will be in stores in the upcoming weeks.

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My whole life changed on September 10, when he accepted my friend request on Facebook, a popular socializing network. That was almost two years ago, now I'm broken, and crying every single day... but what exactly happened?
Omg I have read this book about 3 times before it was published now I can't really remember what happened
@crazyforashtonn Well, my friend's a Facebook addict and I have one too but I mainly use Twitter. I barely use Facebook.
Good thing I read it before it get's published too. THE BEST! I was crying my ass off
And then it changed I LIKED u, -.- the only thing going through my head right now
I had a crush on this boy since 4th grade and now I'm on 10th grade. Faboulus.
I had a crush on a guy for five years and he thought I was a stalker because I knew where he lived... I literally live like 4 houses down from him -.-