The Girl Who Lives Next Door

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lolbutnope By lolbutnope Updated a year ago
All James wants is love. Then he meets his new neighbour, Sahara. They have an instant connection. When Sahara feels like she can't be with James, he decides to show her who's boss. Sahara has run away from her complicated past, but what happens when it decides to catch up with her?
Lovesotrue Lovesotrue 2 years ago
Aww! This chapter is so sweet! Where to find a guy like that? i am so reading this! =)
mgwescoat mgwescoat 3 years ago
Wow I am extremely partial to tall people there is something of an allure of protectiveness and also extremely sexy if the guy is tall and muscular.
jlbn17 jlbn17 3 years ago
Wow! Omg I want him! Can I please have him pretty please! This story is looking good!!!! :)