My 4 Letter Word. A Ray Ray love story. (YN)

You and Ray used to date when you were younger. Until he moved to LA when he was 9. It's been 7 years later and you two don't don't remember anything about each other, until some unexpected things come up. When you guys meet, you two try everything to make it like old times..but things are getting in the way of that.
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@lolaluvsya1 ikr I would've said flaming hot cheetos and cookies and cream Hershey bar and a rock creek peach soda
Me to this is so sad but you know what they 'If you love someone,set them free' (or however they say it)
make a part2 I love this book and the end of it to I will read this for everrrrrrr my fav book on wattpad
@rayraysgirl123 You should check out my new Ray Ray love story and let me know what you think about
I love it... It's very good.... You did a great job with this story Ray-Ray!!! :)
I think her and ray is gonna break up because she said if they dont ever have time together then they wont be together

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