Symmetry: A Soul Eater Fan Fiction

The extraordinary events of a 13 year old meister who's half kishin and how far she will go to save the people she loves. But how can the one she truly loves ever love her back and how many of us would prove our love to someone even if it meant sacrificing our life to save theirs?
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Around this time at night (and without my glasses) I'm a bit blind. I read Hanoka Akuma's name as Hakunnah Matata ^^*

Great characterization, though!
Lol im suposedly dtk and my sis is stein, she thinks he's "sexy' and im like, naw dtk all the way
Black*star reminds me of my friend omara, she moved and nOw i miss her yelling "i am the great black*star YAHOO!!!!!!"
@neon_explosion I'm one of the oldest so I use that as my excuse XD do basically "I'm right I'm older than you" XD but then people call me Grandma -.-
@neon_explosion Yay a fellow hermit!!!! *highfives* and I've only ever been a bridesmaid when I was 13 XD
@neon_explosion Yaaaaay!!!!! A horrible weekend suddenly got a whole lot better!!!!!

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