Love on the Rocs (a Mindless Behavior Love Story) Rated PG-13-R

All four boys learn the most valuable lessons in the arts of love, fortune and fame. And a little love-making ;) Will all make it, or will some buckle and crumble beneath the pressure? (Story is told from narrative point of view, ALSO, IT GOES FROM PERSON TO PERSON, SO NO ONE IS LEFT OUT.) I'm Thinking About Making This A Four-Part Series (One For Each Member), This One Since Everyone Feels That This Is Mainly About Roc. -This Is My Story From MissLiterati, I Can't Seem To Get It From There, So I'm Putting It On Here By Request *Enjoy :] Oh & Feel Free To Comment (I Don't Bite :P) & If You Want, You Can Leave the Name of Your Story or Link (IN MY INBOX) And I'll Read It :] When I Get The Chance (Or If I Feel Like It :/) :) & All My Stories Are Copyrighted
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This was the name of the Father in my last book I was reading he was trifling hmmm ironic lol
theres a casting call for mindless behavior love story go to my page to audition
- Can you please make one with me and Roc Royal , My Name is Tinia and I want a freaky and romantic imagine
is there a sequel!!!! I love this story stayed up til 6:45 to finish it!!!!!!! I have to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have a MINDLESS BEHAVIOR book thats called "Love CAN'T Be TAMED!!"!! i HOPE YOU LIKE!! :]
Love how Shayla said ''to steal all of your souls, why the hell do you think im here ?'' that made me lauf :D

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