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Maddie isn't the biggest fan of One Direction, in fact you might say she finds them rather...annoying. Her best friend, Lizzie, on the other hand loves them. One Day Lizzie tells Maddie about how she has tickets to go see a certain british/irish boy band. Lizzie asks Maddie to go with her to the One Direction concert, and -after much bribery and begging on Lizzie's part- Maddie surrenders and decides to go. She starts to actually enjoy herself, when suddenly the lights go out and the next thing she finds she's trapped with the very people she didn't like in the first place... One Direction. Book One In The Publicity Stunt Series Cᴏᴘʏʀɪɢʜᴛ © LouisYouHottie
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Once my little brother took my food and i atacced him and he said that we would share it.... I was like who do you think you are
my uncles dog does that to me when he wants food or when I stop stroking him (after half an hour of solid stroking!). IRRESISTABLE
It's one direction infection and Bieber  fever CAUSE EVERYBODYS GOT BIEBER BIEBER FEVER oh sorry
Because all of the good authors on wattpad write 1D fanfics and nothing else @1Dloverforever1 @fading_light_
That was like the ultimate boy band then came 1d and now 1d is the ultimate boy band (they even said they were a boy band don't get mad at me, sorry)
No one ever brings food home when they know I'm hungry because, THEY SRE FRIGGINELFN BASTURRDSDDDDDSSD AND I HATE THEM AND I WILL EAT THEM.

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