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Maddie isn't the biggest fan of One Direction, in fact you might say she finds them rather...annoying. Her best friend, Lizzie, on the other hand loves them. One Day Lizzie tells Maddie about how she has tickets to go see a certain british/irish boy band. Lizzie asks Maddie to go with her to the One Direction concert, and -after much bribery and begging on Lizzie's part- Maddie surrenders and decides to go. She starts to actually enjoy herself, when suddenly the lights go out and the next thing she finds she's trapped with the very people she didn't like in the first place... One Direction. Book One In The Publicity Stunt Series Cᴏᴘʏʀɪɢʜᴛ © LouisYouHottie {cover by @Pariz_Love}
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No you're wrong. There in only one direction, if you go the other way then you're going to be lost
I don't know I'll go get it for you, there's a Nandos quite close to where I live :)
I never really liked the Jo Bros aha me and my friend used to be beliebers but that changed a long time ago
I may have done that before.... Talked to a wall. If you name your bed Jeff, have an unicorn named Stan, do stuff Luke me, than you are crazy!
My friend said she hgated me and I said I loved her and she said no seriously and I was like yeah seriously. ;)
*sighs* Fetus days... god I miss those day where you could actually say vas happenin and not get called a carrot

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