The Bad Boy and Me

It all started one night while I was waiting for the bus to come, the night I met the dark, menacing, down right mean Sergio Wilas. The night I, Cairra Murrey would remember for the rest of my life.
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Aha. A birthmark on the left butt cheek. XD sorry I'm just not reading this so....yeah. It's really good by the way!!!!
Wow, great! Just a few mistakes but I wouldn't worry about that. Something about your writing just pulls me in though :)
She is hilarious!!! I am falling out of bed. You should go to jail for trying to kill someone with laughter. Lol ^‹›^
The way she speaks to them is funny. She's a smart person, but even a dummy wouldnt have bothered them. Or maybe they would. Hmm... Does that make her a dummy?
Keep updating! Awesome chapter. I lord all the extra description you added in! Loved sorry. I am warming up to this MC. Awesome job, just awesome.
I liked it! Very great job on the character! I loved the dialogue and description! Will continue!! :D

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