Terminator Verses The Matrix.

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AlexisSims By AlexisSims Updated 3 years ago
I know which of these films is the best- do you? Read on....
Mr_victor_freeze Mr_victor_freeze 6 months ago
Terminator. I grew up with that movie.he's my babe and can't wait till the fifth one comes out in 2015
locutuslupin locutuslupin 2 years ago
Both Matrix and Terminator started out strong and got weaker after the second movie. Matrix is cooler, I think.
ReggieS ReggieS 2 years ago
I love the matrix I grow up watching the matrix movies I can't wait for the matrix 4 .
mlareau mlareau 2 years ago
I love both! I suppose I agree with you up to a point, but i do think that The Matrix offers some much more thoughtful points than Terminator, where it's just basically Arnie showing off metal muscle. I still love both though. Can't decide!
JoeTite JoeTite 3 years ago
@AlexisSims Hmmm... I guess that sounds about right, I'm still hoping they make Ghost Busters 3 at some point though lol :p
JoeTite JoeTite 3 years ago
I have not seen past T2.... I guess I should check out the rest of the series, too bad they aren't on netflix lol