The Six Swans - A Fairy Tale Retold

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Princess Sydnee of Adalaide is silent. Not because of her own choice, but because she’s got six older brothers who want  run the show and a father who’s busy being King and grieving over his late wife, Sydnee’s mother.

When the King gets lost in the forest and sells his freedom for the marriage of Isabeth, the daughter of a witch (who’s potentially a witch herself), and a ball of magic cotton, he sends Sydnee and her brothers to the Cypress forest, hiding them from all harm. Until Isabeth shows up, that is, and curses the six boys. Sydnee will do whatever it takes to save her brothers, but is she willing to be controlled by the curse, and risk being alone forever?
_palenomian _palenomian a year ago
I LOVE THE SIX SWANS FAIRY TALE!! Oh my gosh, you have made my life!!
snoopy-doo snoopy-doo a year ago
It seems like a pretty good book though it does remind me of The Daughter of the Forest.
DrSocks DrSocks a year ago
i love fairy tale retellings. this was very well written and similar to plot of a book i read and loved! 

nicely done :]

I write fairy tales and adventures if anyone wants to check it out ;)
chessirefelice chessirefelice 2 years ago
I really like fairytales and this story give me more reasons to like it...:)
ellen_hubbard ellen_hubbard 2 years ago
Hi!!  just now discovered this tale of yours and am reading it now because i loved the old-time tale as a child ... thanks for sharing your creativity
HappyEndings7 HappyEndings7 2 years ago
I think this is a retelling of an Irish legend my grandmother used to read to me when I was little... Needless to say, I'm reading now. :)