Stuck With Harry Styles

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vodka_sos By vodka_sos Updated 4 months ago
Best friend since the 1st grade and now mortal enemies. Dani went from being able to take a bullet for him to wanting to be the one pulling the trigger.  And Harry went from a sweet school boy into a jerk with a leather jacket.  Doesn't matter if Dani wants to see him again, she's going to.  But will she be able to handle it?  And will Harry be able to gain her once thought perpetual trust in him or is he forever shot to the corner?  All that matters but what about her unexpected relationship with a certain friend of his?  All of this really is confusing, but in this story Dani's life is told as she goes through it and you'll be here to read it all.  What happens next?  After she's Stuck with Harry Styles?
liljess1000 liljess1000 5 days ago
I used to think the same thing I used to hate them and then my friend got me hooked. but I like it down here. the fandom can be nice. 
famgoaway famgoaway 10 days ago
If you're going to talk about England use their 'grades' like nursery or reception or year 1-2
georgiamalcher georgiamalcher 14 days ago
OMG IM FREAKING OUT MAN!!!! If I could prove it to you guys I would but I don't know how BUT THAT WAS MY PRIMARY SCHOOL!!!
georgiamalcher georgiamalcher 14 days ago
avalanchestyles avalanchestyles 15 days ago
I admit it I clicked on this book bc I the pic on the cover is as hot af and I thought it said 'a fxck with harry styles*
Teaaddict8 Teaaddict8 15 days ago
That radio station get me so annoyed it always repeats the songs over and over again