Love Life and Niall Horan

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lauren By lauren Completed
Natalie Payne is a normal 17 year old girl...
Well except for the fact that she's Liam Payne's cousin I guess.
But when Natalie's mum suddenly announces she has to leave for America and Natalie goes to live with Liam and his band members, what will happen?
And with Liam making her promise not to fall for any of the boys and someone she loves dearly making a new appearance, it all becomes a little too much for Natalie.
With a hidden talent and a few big secrets, how does Natalie handle it?
Natalie just wants to calm down and love her life... and oh, Niall Horan too.

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I'd be the childish one going "Hey Zayn! Gimme the Vodka that u are holding!!" XD
Same she says "what" and I say "what" and it keeps going until I say "Que".That's what I'm Spanish and then she says what in confusion.
It would be funny if you said that to a guy named Trevor... I'd be like whatever Trevor to him
I wanna go there sooooo badly! Too bad I live in Baltimore Maryland,
@MomentsInTimeX we're not blaming you on copying, we just thought it was similar to the other books. even if you did use the concept of "try not to fall in love with the boys", I don't blame you because it was a good idea for the book
But.... Chesire & London have the same timezones, & to have jet lag she'd have to go on a plane to Canada or something that isn't the same time zone.