Sanities Keys

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A. W. Nutter By A. W. Nutter Updated 3 years ago


Powerful, heart wrenching and grim, eloquently expressed in skilfully rhymed couplets - a very captivating write. Wow!  Vtd
Purely great read, Darkly enchanting, I enjoyed every shadow of it.
~ Vice
A terrible inheritance.  So unjust. The final line really seals this ones fate.
This is just beautiful. It's so well written and I love the imagery and the rhythm. An all round brilliant piece.
@Rhymer2. Yes, AW, that's what I meant about the comment I just sent a minute ago : )) It's something shrinks & everyone else recommend too.
Your form and rhyme are excellent, Rhymer2 -but lighten u a tiny bit for me lol : ) Vtd.