His American Rebel (One Direction & Harry Styles)

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Rachel Paxton is no angel. She's the exact opposite. The young actress is known throughout the United States as America's Rebel, and she loves to flaunt the title. And to better her career, she claims that she can't stand One Direction, but mostly the British pop singer and teen heartthrob, Harry Styles. When she makes her thoughts about Harry public, her Uncle Simon, also the boys' manager, intervenes. To make Rachel change her ways and convince the world that she is completely in love with One Direction, he makes her and Harry date for publicity. Simon claims that it will help both of them in their careers, but the two just think it's a complete joke. In the end, will the two teenagers carry the romance beyond the flashing lights of the cameras?
MidnightMemories1234 MidnightMemories1234 3 months ago
@PayzerPerfect She's just a little bit older, I want to get to know her, She says she's already over
PayzerPerfect PayzerPerfect 4 months ago
I wish that I was 18 to do, all the things you read in a magazine. I'm not saying I wanna be Charlie Sheen.
JulieHamary JulieHamary 2 years ago
I like it, it's really good! Please reed and my fanfiction http://www.wattpad.com/story/5432237-it-was-just-a-dream-about-harry-styles
A love story between a fan and Harry Styles! Thanx'!
RanrryStayles27 RanrryStayles27 2 years ago
i looooveeeee your story so much it's my first fan fiction i read it before 5 months ago but i couldn't comment or anything because i didn't have twitter or actually didn't know how to vote or comment , so here i am , your story is awesome , great , amazing and extraordiHarry !!!!!
dancingdot dancingdot 2 years ago
Hi c: I love your story, and I just wanted to let you know, I found a different version of this story someone copywrited :/ Its called His Canadian Rebel, its by @EmilyWilson399
DirectionerXF DirectionerXF 2 years ago
I love her badass character. Could you please read my fanfic? http://www.wattpad.com/story/1952711-concealer-a-harry-styles-fanfic (sorry if this annoys you)