What's eating you?

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~*~ Warning this story may be triggering!~*~

In today's world, skinny is beautiful. Skinny people get it better, because they are beautiful. Where ever you look, you'll see a skinny woman, or a fit man. But what happens when you don't have that Ideal body? Do you work out? Diet? Starve yourself to the point where you can count your ribs? What will you do to achieve that "beautiful body?"

Follow one girl on her journey struggling with a eating disorder.  Feel the pain she does when she looks in the mirror and feels so wrong about her body. Learn how society warped her mind to believing there is something wrong with her.
Learn the meaning of true beauty.
Actually love you so much and idk who you are forever-yours-truly2
You're a great writer. I don't know why I'm reading this bc honestly it's triggering for me. I might stop, but know it's not your fault if I do xx
Huh, never thought I'd find a story similar to mine. My name is Jacky and I have an eating disorder.
So sad 

This story is amazing! I love the emotions you are able to portray and the way people can relate to it.
that's depressing....why people give damn about how people look!!! that's really nerve wrecking someone cutting themselves because some idiots think they are fatty ugly....nice chapter :-)